The Prune Belly Syndrome Network (PBSN) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting those who were born with Eagle-Barrett syndrome, more commonly referred to as prune belly syndrome. We work closely with those who have PBS as well as their family, friends, and entire support network. Part of our goal is to raise awareness and educate the general public in regards to prune belly syndrome as well. You can view our mission statement here.

Our organization is completely funded through the generous donations of our supporters. As a nonprofit organization, we take pride in knowing that 86% of monies raised directly toward accomplishing our goals while the remaining 14% is used to cover the cost of administrative and fundraising tasks.

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Support for Those Dealing with Prune Belly Syndrome / Eagle-Barrett Syndrome

If you have stumbled across this site, the chances are that you or someone you know was born with Eagle-Barrett, commonly referred to as prune belly syndrome. Other names for prune belly syndrome include triad syndrome and urethral obstruction malformation sequence. This is a group of birth defects that can be serious without the proper medical treatment and includes a number of issues including bladder and urinary tract issues, undescended testicles, and poor development of the abdominal muscles. The lack of development in the abdominal muscles causes the skin in the area to wrinkle, like a prune—what we might see happen to our hands or feet after spending a prolonged time in water, but more pronounced.

It is unknown what causes the prune belly syndrome birth defect. It is considered rare, occurring in only one out of every 30,000 to 40,000 births. There is a preponderance of males being born with prune belly syndrome, as they represent some 95% of the known cases. There have been reports of siblings being born with prune belly syndrome, indicating that there is a potential genetic factor.

The Prune Belly Syndrome Network is a nonprofit organization, staffed by volunteers who serve as an advocate and additional line of support for those who have been born with prune belly syndrome as well as their friends and family. We believe strongly in educating the general public in regards to prune belly syndrome, which is the primary reason for this website. As our organization is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation, we are able to continue our work through donations. If you would like more information regarding prune belly syndrome, please click here. If you would like to know how you can help the PBSN, click here.

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There is an old saying about it taking an entire village to raise a child. Never is that more true than when your child has any sort of special needs or medical concerns. Those who are affected by prune belly syndrome will go through many trials and they need all of the love, understanding and support we can give them. Please join us in supporting our friends, family, and communities.


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